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A beautifully detailed slice, cheese shows tomato sauce underneath so we know there is indeed tomato sauce under it, but it is still cheesy enough without overdoing it! And damnit, I don’t even like pepperoni but those look tasty enough. Crust could use some work tho, looks store bought but can’t blame for that, not everybody has time to bake home-made dough 8/10

Bolder than the classic pepperoni pizza, this time with what I think it’s salami and olives, but the rest, eeeeh i don’t like that gradient on the cheese and the crust looks like cardboard 4/10

A traitor, this pizza will get your hands dirty, look at that narrow crust and the dripping cheese, there’s no way you’re not gonna use a napkin after handling it 2/10 proceed with caution

This pizza feels weird. The cheese is pale, the pepperoni looks more like wax seals and the extra toppings look like creepy crawlies. The crust is the only good thing but still 0/10 are you sure you wanna eat that

It looks like Samsung tried to reform itself. It has done its best (look at those red borders! that’s tomato sauce!), but there’s still a long way to go. Pepperoni doesn’t look like pepperoni with those highlights, and the crust looks like a smooth churro and it kinda makes the pizza look like a pie. But still 6/10 for effort

For some reason, US people complain that Domino’s puts very few toppings on their pizzas, but I had Domino’s and that never happened. I guess this is how an US pizza looks like. 2/10 for misguided minimalism also what the hell those green rhombuses are

A big slice that feeds you for the whole morning. It means good, but the lack of details on the crust makes it look unappetizing, and the cheese isn’t as well detailed as Apples, so it looks like some sort of fungal infection. At least they got creative with the pepperoni disposition 6/10 it isn’t pretty but it tries its best

A dazzling pizza with weird gleaming pepperonis, but look at that cheese! Smooth, melted, bubbly, but won’t drip and leave you gross like Microsoft’s! And tomato sauce confirmed! The crust also looks nice enough. 8/10 would order again

Its assymetry is more apparent than the others and makes it feel that there’s something off with this pizza. Also narrow crust syndrome. 3/10 not bad but not the best pizza in town, lacks personality

Twitter’s little cousin. I have a feelings that it’s made with cheap ingredients. 2/10

LG went for Messenger’s look, but it doesn’t quite fit it. 4/10

That’s it. That’s the one. How can you say no to a whole pizza? 10/10


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I saw this post and had feelings.

“What’re you doin’?” Bucky asked as Natasha stopped to take a picture of a giant tree, leaves orange-going-on-red. He would have bitched at her for blowing their cover but it actually helped with their tourist personas.

Natasha glanced at him, unimpressed, then turned back to line up the perfect shot. “Don’t pretend you don’t know.”

“I’m not pretending. I don’t know.”

“That’s sad,” Natasha said, pulling her phone back to her chest to tap on the screen with her thumbs. “You make me sad.”

Bucky took a moment to be jealous at how fast she could type. His metal thumb didn’t register on his screen. “That’s not new.”

“I’m going to show you the greatest thing you will ever see,” Natasha informed him, then thrust her phone in his face.

He frowned, confused, when he saw the picture of the tree again. It was a nice picture, he supposed. He’d seen better. Underneath it was the text ‘look at this tree.’ The confusion didn’t leave. He jumped a little when her phone vibrated in her hand.

✨Tony✨: It’s beautiful, just like you! I’m going into a meeting so I won’t be able to answer very quickly but don’t let that stop you!

Bucky stared at it for a moment. “…Why does he get sparkle emoji and I get grinning shit?”

“Because I think you’re a piece of shit.” Natasha pulled her phone back to read the message and smiled slightly. “One time I was pissed off and told him I wanted to kill someone and he texted me back that if I was in prison, he couldn’t take me out for delicate patisseries anymore.” She stared into the distance. “The idea of going without fig tartlets frightened me.”

“America has changed you and I’m not sure I like it,” Bucky declared even as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders to throw off a couple of agents that were peering at them suspiciously. “What’s a tartlet?”

“I’m going to buy a dozen and eat them all in front of you without offering you a single bite,” Natasha replied, holding her phone up. “Couples still take selfies, right?”

Bucky stared at the phone impassively. “What’s with people and selfies?”

“You’re a stick in the mud. At least Steve was a good kisser,” Natasha complained, texting the picture to Tony as the brunet sputtered in disbelief and confusion.

✨Tony✨: Tell Buck-o to turn that frown upside down! You’re both young and beautiful in London! What is there to frown about? c:

“Precious,” Natasha said fondly.

“Did you know that Tony’s contact has sparkle emoji on Natasha’s phone?” Bucky asked.

Steve looked up, hurt. “Why am I smiling poop?”

“Because I think you’re a piece of shit too,” Natasha said, snapping a picture of him. “You’re both shitty. I don’t know why I put up with you.”

“Because we’re adorable,” Bucky drawled before throwing himself across Steve’s lap. “Don’t worry, Steve. I’m smiling shit, too.”

…That did make him feel better.

“Clint’s just a row of emoji consisting of pizza, arrows, and a dog face,” Natasha added.

Steve whined. “I wanna be pizza and a dog face!”

“No,” she said, and took a picture of the blond in Snapchat so she could give him a halo of grinning shits.

Just for shits and giggles, Bucky texted Tony ‘listen, some days you have a lemon and some days you are the lemon.’ Tony didn’t get back to him immediately, but he hadn’t expected him to. He and Steve still preferred phone calls over texting, so everyone knew that if they were texting it probably wasn’t too important.

Tony: I think you’re peachy keen! :D

Bucky clutched his chest. “Shit.”

Steve sat up in alarm. “You okay, Buck?”

“Tony is so cute how can anyone take this man seriously.”

“What?” Steve blinked at him. “…Oh!” He smiled. “Natasha showed you her texts from Tony!”

Bucky stared down at his phone fondly. “Is he like this with everyone?”

“No, just Natasha, I think. You now, too, I guess. I think he does it for Bruce when he feels down, but JARVIS tells him when that is.”

“Oh.” Bucky smiled a little. “…That’s nice.”

Steve grinned at him. “He just likes to brighten the days of people he thinks need it.”

Steve found Bucky tucked in the closet, clutching a knife. “Bad dream?”

“There was blood everywhere,” Bucky whispered, knuckles going white. He let the blond take the knife from his hands and instead tucked them in his armpits, shivering. “All over. I can’t–Why, Steve?”

Steve sighed and crawled into the closet with him, pulling the door shut behind him. “I don’t know, Bucky.” He wrapped an arm around the brunet’s shoulders and pulled him up against his side. “You got your phone?”

“…I think so?” Bucky frowned, trying to recall. “…In my pocket, maybe.”

“Okay.” Steve reached down to fish the phone out of his pocket. “Would it help to send a message to Tony?”

Bucky buried his face in the blond’s shoulder. “He’s. He’s in. China? Japan? Asia. I think. He’ll be asleep.”

“Well, we can send him something,” Steve reasoned. “He can get back to us when he wakes up.”

Bucky reached up to grab his wrist. “Don’t–don’t tell him I’m like this. I don’t want him to worry.”

Steve sighed, unable to help a little smile. “What do you want me to say? That you want to run off and be a hermit in the mountains?”

“…Yeah,” Bucky said. It wasn’t technically a lie. Sometimes he did wanna run off to be a hermit in the mountains.

Steve jumped a little when he received a text almost immediately. “Oh!”

Tony: Can I visit you there?

Bucky peered at the screen. “…No. Only cats allowed.”

“What about me?” Steve asked as he typed in his answer.

“You’re not a cat.”

Tony: I can’t think of anyone better to share a cave with! And I would know. I’ve spent time in a cave. 😜

“Aw,” Steve said, torn between adoring and sad. “Way to break my heart, Tony.”

“He’s broken worse parts,” Bucky said, even though both of them knew it was a lie.


? Pizza Emoji Meanings and Synonyms

? Pizza Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2010.

EmojiNameMeanings ? Hamburger Food, Restaurant, Burger, Cheeseburger, Sandwich ? Hot Dog Sausage, Relish, Mustard, Hot dog, Hotdog ? French Fries Food, Restaurant, Mcdonald's, Ketchup, Fries ? Taco Food, Pizza, Burger, Cheeseburger, Taco ? Cooking Cooking, Roast, Pan, Grill, Frying ? Steaming Bowl Ramen, Miso, Bowl, Food, Restaurant ? Spaghetti Noodle, Spaghetti, Linguine, Macaroni, Food ? Cookie Cookie, Biscuit, Food, Restaurant, Dessert ? Statue of Liberty Statue, Liberty, Place ?? Italy Italy, Flag, Country ? Face Savouring Delicious Food Delicious, Frivolousness, Ridiculously, Frivolously, Foolishness ? Bread Dough, Bread, Toast, Flour, Food ? Cheese Wedge Food, Pizza, Milk, Mozzarella, Cheese ? Pizza Cheese, Slice, Pepperoni, Food, Restaurant ? Chestnut Plant, Nut, Chestnut, Acorn, Nature ? Meat on Bone Brasier, Roast, Steak, Beef, Food ? Bacon Burger, Cheeseburger, Pork, Ham, Bacon ? Grapes Fruit, Wine, Vine, Grapes, Grape ? Poultry Leg Chicken, Poultry, Leg, Food, Restaurant ? Melon Food, Plant, Melon, Cantaloupe, Rockmelon ? Watermelon Nature, Food, Plant, Watermelon, Nature ? Tangerine Food, Plant, Fruit, Orange, Tangerine ? Burrito Taco, Mexico, Dish, Chimichanga, Burrito ? Lemon Lime, Lemon, Citrus, Nature, Food ? Banana Plant, Fruit, Plantain, Banana, Nature ? Pot of Food Pot, Stew, Stewing, Bowl, Food ? Pineapple Pineapple, Ananas, Nature, Food, Plant ? Bento Box Restaurant, Japan, Box, Pickling, Bento ? Red Apple Apple, Nature, Food, Plant, Fruit ? Rice Cracker Rice, Cracker, Food, Restaurant, Rice ? Green Apple Apple, Nature, Food, Plant, Fruit ? Rice Ball Ball, Rice, Food, Restaurant, Japan ? Pear Nature, Food, Plant, Fruit, Pear ? Cooked Rice Cooked, Food, Restaurant, Rice, Grain ? Peach Peach, Apricot, Peaches, Nature, Food ? Curry Rice Rice, India, Curry, Food, Restaurant ? Cherries Prunus, Cherries, Nature, Food, Plant ? Strawberry Food, Plant, Fruit, Strawberry, Berry ? Kiwi Fruit Fruit, Food ? Roasted Sweet Potato Restaurant, Sweet, Roasted, Potato, Food ? Tomato Tomato, Tomatoes, Nature, Food, Plant ? Oden Food, Restaurant, Japan, Stick, Skewer ? Avocado Guacamole, Food, Fruit ? Sushi Food, Restaurant, Wasabi, Tuna, Sushi ? Eggplant Aubergine, Nature, Food, Plant, Vegetable ? Fried Shrimp Restaurant, Prawn, Seafood, Shrimp, Fried ? Potato Vegetable, Spud, Food ? Fish Cake With Swirl Cake, Swirl, Food, Restaurant, Fish ? Carrot Vegetable, Food ? Dango Japan, Dessert, Sweet, Stick, Skewer ?️ Hot Pepper Chili pepper, Hot pepper, Red pepper, Spicy, Chili ? Soft Ice Cream Icecream, Ice cream, Food, Restaurant, Dessert ? Cucumber Zucchini, Food, Vegetable ? Shaved Ice Shaved, Food, Restaurant, Dessert, Sweet ? Peanuts Legume, Food, Pancake ? Ice Cream Cream, Food, Restaurant, Dessert, Sweet ? Doughnut Sweet, Yeast, Doughnut, Donut, Food ? Croissant Dough, Pastry, Food, Crescent, Pancake ? Shortcake Sliced, Shortcake, Cheesecake, Pie, Food ? Baguette Bread Baguette, Food, Sandwich, Loaf, France ? Chocolate Bar Chocolate bar, Choco, Food, Restaurant, Dessert ? Pancakes Dessert, Pancake, Flatbread, Food, Dessert ? Candy Restaurant, Dessert, Sweet, Candy, Chocolate ? Lollipop Restaurant, Dessert, Sweet, Candy, Lolly ? Custard Restaurant, Dessert, Sweet, Pudding, Custard ? Honey Pot Stewpot, Pan, Food, Restaurant, Sweet ? Sake Food, Restaurant, Drink, Bar, Rice ? Wine Glass Grape, Whiskey, Booze, Food, Restaurant ? Cocktail Glass Martini, Liqueur, Gin, Cocktail, Food ? Tropical Drink Restaurant, Drink, Bar, Tropical, Food ? Beer Mug Bar, Lager, Beer, Ale, Mug ? Clinking Beer Mugs Food, Restaurant, Drink, Bar, Lager ?️ Fork and Knife With Plate Plate, Food, Restaurant, Knife, Fork ? Fork and Knife Fork, Blade, Swallowing, Catering, Gobbling ? Hotel Building, Hotel, Resort, Motel, Inn ? Green Salad Green, Slaw, Salad, Lettuce, Food ? Red Paper Lantern Place, Restaurant, Japan, Red, Bar ? Popcorn Popcorn, Popping corn, Food, Corn, Snack ? Birthday Cake Anniversary, Food, Celebration, Dessert, Sweet ? Baby Bottle Vial, Food, Drink, Baby, Milk ? Glass of Milk Lactose, Food, Glass, Milk, Glassware ☕ Hot Beverage Food, Drink, Milk, Hot, Tea ? Teacup Without Handle Drink, Cup, Tea, Teapot, Teacup ? Bottle With Popping Cork Food, Drink, Glass, Glassware, Bottle ? Clinking Glasses Food, Drink, Glass, Glassware, Clinking


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